10 reasons to stay home this Valentine’s Day

1. You can have a cozy night at home instead of attempting to bundle up whilst looking cute.

(Which is impossible, so you may as well be comfortable).


2. Because you will get to the restaurant 15 minutes early, but end up waiting an hour past your reservation time.

(And then you forget why you’re there to begin with.)


3. And attempting to order a cocktail while you wait looks like a scene from “The Hunger Games.”

(May the odds of getting a drink be ever in your favor.)


4. Then when you sit down, you realize the prix fixe menu is super weird.

(Duck confit ice cream? Not interested.)


5. And the only thing you want to do is order 3 dessert courses.

(Yes, waiter, I will have all of the desserts.)


6. Or just skip the whole “food” thing and drink your dinner.

(I will have all of the wine as well.)


7. Because couples that take Valentine’s Day very seriously exist, and you will be seated next to them.

(And, no, you’re not allowed to make this face in public.)


8. And your waiter will not be impressed by you trying to break the serious-romantic tension with a “When Harry Met Sally” impression.

(Whatever, dude. It was awesome.)


9. Because you feel like your boyfriend might propose, but you might want to be single, and there is still a chance that he might be breaking up with you.

(Don’t worry, it’s not happening. It’s just the pseudo-holiday jitters getting the best of you.)


10. And you shouldn’t get the side-eye for having an anxiety-fueled fight over the not knowing.

(Well, at least they’re not blatantly staring.)


-Emily Grant


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