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10 Most Iconic
Food on Film Moments


10. A Christmas Story, “Mommy’s Little Piggy” 

Everyone has “that” friend with the overly sensitive palate, and while most picky eaters are just the worst, this little nugget pulls the look off quite well. Next time your boyfriend refuses to eat veggies, we recommend testing this approach.

9. Mean Girls, “Is Butter a Carb?” 

You quote Mean Girls like it’s your job and you have no problem admitting that you’re sooo Regina George. This scene proves you might be on to something by questioning whether your BFF’s are plotting a hot-bod demise.

8. Finding Nemo, Fish Are Friends Scene 

OK, OK… Maybe this one doesn’t have food in the scene, but food as the subject matter counts, right? Also, Finding Nemo is full of swimming sushi rolls and we should have 52 Shark Weeks every year.

7. The Breakfast Club, Lunch Scene 

John Hughes obviously takes the quote “you are what you eat” to heart – From the jock’s never-ending lunch sack to Claire’s sushi & chopsticks, this scene = high school stereotypes, personified.

6. Zoolander, Orange Mocha Frappuccino Scene 

Let’s all take a moment of silence to remember that time you went a little crazy for OMF’s and lost a loved one in a gasoline-fight-fueled blaze of glory… Pour one out in remembrance the next time you’re at Starbucks.

5. Bridesmaids, Food Poisoning Scene 

There are just so many gems from this scene: The Jordan Almonds, Maya Rudolph’s -erm- “incident” in the street, the cuts to the bathroom – Even the cold-sweats and the (all-too-real?) sound effects… It’

4. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Dinner Scene 

Because most holidays include overly-dry turkey, inappropriate and/or senile relatives, or -er- unique side dishes, but this scene hilariously combines all three.

3. The Great Outdoors, The Old 96’er Scene 

I mean, anything John Candy is automatically on the list because his last name is my favorite food, but this scene in particular is Warning: Do not try this at home.

2. Lady & the Tramp, Spaghetti Scene 

I’d be remiss if I left this childhood classic off the list. You all know it, we’ve all lived it. What’s that? You haven’t lived it? Ah, well I suggest you grab a date and do so. ASAP.

1. When Harry Met Sally, Katz’s Deli Scene 

Yes, yes, YES… YES! YES! YES!  That is all.


Honorable mention: American Pie, Apple Pie Scene. If you haven’t seen it, you’re either 12 or you’ve been living sans-technology for a few years. Either way, it’s NSFW, but is certainly iconic so may be worth a watch.

Did we miss your favorite? Leave a comment with your #1 food on film moment!


-Emily Grant


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