7 Ways Meal Kits Improve the Dining Experience

By Jacqueline Wasilczyk

Even though it’s easier than ever to have prepared food delivered to your door, more people are turning to meal kits to make high-quality meals at home. No more scouring cookbooks and blogs for recipes, grocery shopping, and spending hours to prepare a worthy dish. Cooking has become simpler with the rise of meal-kit companies, empowering people to skip the takeout, and commit to cooking more and living better.

Here are a few reasons why customers are embracing meal kits:

  1. Make Meals Special

    Make Meals Special

    Distractions are always a click away, which makes coming together with loved ones that much more meaningful. With options to accommodate any number of people or nights, Plated lets you enjoy impressive meals whether you’re cooking with one friend or your whole family.

  2. Learn New Skills

    Learn New Skills

    Regardless of whether you’re a novice or an expert chef, recipes are created to be both enticing and educational. Descriptive instructions make it easy to master new techniques, like creating empanadas, preparing fish en papillote, or making pizza.

  3. Enjoy Effortless Variety and Choice Without the Struggle

    Enjoy Effortless Variety and Choice Without the Struggle

    Lasagna may be your go-to, but after receiving step-by-step instructions on how to cook dinners like Bibimbap and Steak au Poivre, your repertoire will grow. While not all meal kit services let you choose from 20 unique recipes each week, Plated does, making sure that dinner always suits your preferences. Try it now and get your first Plated Night free.

  4. Save Time and Skip the Grocery Store

    Save Time and Skip the Grocery Store

    Parking, picking through produce, lines, and paying for unique ingredients is a total headache. With meal kits, this all disappears—everything you need is delivered to your doorstep. Not to mention, Plated dinners are a snap to make, averaging about 25–45 minutes per meal.

  5. Waste Less Food

    Waste Less Food

    When is the last time you finished a container of spices or herbs? Exactly. When cooking eclectic recipes, you rarely need the quantities of ingredients sold in stores. Since meal kits send precisely what you need, when using Plated, you’ll be taking a step toward way less waste.

  6. Know What You’re Eating

    Know What You’re Eating

    While menu descriptions help, it’s hard to know every ingredient that goes into restaurant meals. Quality is a chief concern for Plated. Responsibly raised meats, sustainably caught fish, and seasonal items are sent right to you.

  7. Minimize Clean Up

    Minimize Clean Up

    Whether you have a well-stocked kitchen or not, the less equipment you need, the better. By having culinary experts maximize recipe efficiency and minimize the tools required for your meal, you won’t find yourself trapped with an overflowing sink full of dishes.Take your dinners to the next level. Try Plated now and select from 20 unique weekly recipes, and get step-by-step instructions and quality ingredients delivered to your door. Need extra encouragement? Order now and get your first Plated Night free.